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      ABD Technology Co.,Ltd

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      Company profile

      ABD (Dongguan) Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in research, development, production and sales of color light box and LED displays in China.

      In the operation process, the company adheres to the marketing idea of 'Suitable products , Moderatethe price and Eexcellent  services'.

      The company has insisted on market changes since its establishment to develop various types of testing instruments.Our customers are all over the world.

      Products are exported to the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, is widely used by international testing agencies and quality departments.

      ABD has set up operations in Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places.We accept our customers to visit our company, I believe that our service will make you satisfied.

      We also firmly believe that customer satisfaction is the driving force for us to advance, and "win-win with customers" is the philosophy we always adhere to.

      Company profile
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      Online service

      • Skype:angelya19900515
        Facebook: angelyaliu
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